Baking Bread With The Kids

Have you ever shared your kitchen activities with your kids? It’s even more fun when you can let them experience how to bake a bread with the help of a bread maker.

Kids are always curious about so many things around. So many questions and so many likes and dislikes. Likes and dislikes on foods, clothing etcetera. One way to answer their curiosity is to show them how it works.

Being so busy isn’t the reason not to have time to share fun and laughter with the kids. Because I love to cook I almost spend more of my time in the kitchen. Sometimes if I have enough time to prepare for the meals I let my kids do the things that is safe. I let them peel off the vegetables or pour in a cup of water or a spoon of sugar. Or sometimes I allow them to handle the mixing. Of course I explain to them beforehand how to manage those things and kids can catch up every instructions fast, with a proper guidance. Me and kids are satisfied to have shared special moments with them.

I am so lucky to have a bread maker at home. Kids love to eat breads in the morning so I always have a freshly baked bread everyday. Sometimes I ask my kids to help me with the mixing so they may know how the breads are made. I explain to them the importance of each ingredients and the process. The kids enjoy this way at the same time they learn new things. It is also a good way to train them how to help with the households. I remember one time when the kids saw the bread that is so fluffy they jumped in great joy. And I saw their smiles glitters with satisfaction in their eyes.

If you are into the gluten free bread, you will find that bread machine is very convenient too. No more overpriced bread, you could just whip up this simple recipe by Jamie Oliver, but instead of pop it in oven, you can do it with your bread machine which is even easier. So which one is the best bread machine for gluten free bread? All of them, yes, you don’t need a special bread machine to make one. You can do a gluten free bread with any bread machine, but to make it perfect, you will need once or twice to adjust the ingredients.

Good thing is that baking breads at home are  made easy with the bread maker, whichever bread you like, fruit bread, gluten free bread or just a plain white bread. Even though I am running out of time with all the kitchen stuff, by the help of a bread maker all is possible when it comes to breads.

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