Help Control Animal Allergies With a Cordless Vacuum

I suffer from mild allergies from pet dander, but that hasn’t stopped me from owning pets. When I first went to the doctor to tell him about my runny nose, itchy eyes, and congestion, I was surprised when he said I was probably allergic to my cat. I’ve had a cat since I was a kid, and wondered why all of a sudden it started to bother me. The doctor explained that sometimes allergies don’t appear until later in life, and others get worse as we get older. I didn’t want to get rid of my cat, and was happy when the doctor told me with a few lifestyle tweaks and changes in my cleaning routines, I could probably enjoy pets for the rest of my life while still keeping my allergies in check.

The doctor explained that humans aren’t allergic to pet hair. They’re allergic to dander, which are tiny flakes of skin that animals shed. While animal hair has dander on it, it’s not the only way you can be exposed to it. Dander is so fine that it has a static charge, so it sticks to many surfaces even after the pet hair is cleaned away. The doctor instructed me to get a HEPA filter for my vacuum, and he also suggested that I check out a cordless vacuum review in order to find a model that had a HEPA filter.

The doctor advised me that most people say they will use their regular, corded vacuum all the time, but in the long run, it’s too much of a hassle to get it out of the closet, plug it in, and lug it around the house, so they soon go back to weekly cleaning, and they begin to suffer from dander allergies again. That’s why he recommended a cordless model. Cordless vacuums are quick and easy to use and store, so his patients had an easier time keeping after their pets on a daily basis.

Not many of the cordless vacuum review models I saw mentioned it, but any vacuum with a filter can usually be fitted with a HEPA filter. I found a model in the vacuum reviews and comparisons that had a factory fitted filter right on it, but if you already own a cordless vacuum, you might be able to find a filter for it.

The doctor also advised that I purchase a whole house air purifier, and between that and the cordless vacuum with the HEPA filter it’s been a breeze to keep up with the animal dander in the house. If you’re suffering from allergies and you own a pet, check out a cordless vacuum review before you think about sending your beloved furry ball to the pound.

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