Lunch Box For The Day

Preparing a lunch box everyday can be tricky and strenuous. Imagine how much time you should allow to provide a balance and creative lunch boxes for kids? It is really not a joke to wake up so early in the morning with you preparing breakfast and kids to school.

However, with a simple planning and advance preparation, I prepared a nice looking and healthy balance lunch boxes everyday. Every weekends part of my groceries are the kids lunch boxes idea and ingredients. I set myself a time to prepare for the whole weeks lunch boxes. I will cut all the vegetables and meats into bite size. Boil, steam or sautéed each menu and add some spices to taste. Individually packed each menu into parts to equally distribute each day and freezer stock with a ziplock. I cooked about 3-4 kinds of menu for each weeks. The night before I go to sleep, I make sure to defrost only what I need to cook the following day. In the morning I just preheat it in the microwave and arranged it in the kids lunch boxes. Plus I add some cut fresh fruits and some sweets or mini tomatoes, cucumbers or any fruits and vegetables available fresh in the refrigerator. Every week I experiment different kinds of menu to make it interesting.

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Other ways I use microwave aside from lunch boxes is to melt frozen goods when I’m in a hurry. Sometimes if I need more menu to fill in the lunch boxes, I just clean a whole potato and steam it in the microwave. I let it cool for a moment and mashed, add some milk, butter, salt and pepper to taste and mashed potato is done. Same thing goes with the pumpkins and carrots.

Microwave is also a very good kitchen assistant. In the morning you can just preheat left overs for your breakfast. Or having lunch alone you can just use microwave to preheat processed foods if you are into it. But for me I usually preheat left overs for lunch because my family do not want to eat the same menu on consecutive meals.

Planning and preparing ahead of time is energy, time and money saver.

So if you are trying to find the best microwave oven for you, check out the reviews and go to the nearby shops to see for yourself. And if you want more cute design for your lunch boxes, here is the link.

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