Are You Aware of Your Legal Grandparent Visitation Rights?

Do grandparents have visitation rights in oklahoma? In most of the families, grandparents share a very special bond with their minor grandchildren. However, at times, grandparents are denied access to their grandchildren in cases of divorce, separation, death of one of the parents or for any other reason. If you are one such grandparent, then, it is better to make yourself familiar with the legal grandparent visitation rights towards your grandchildren.

Considering the rising divorce rate and the importance of grandparent-grandchildren relationship, family court in many states now allow grandparent visitation rights. However, it varies from one state to another. Though there is sometimes a law to protect your visitation rights, it is always better to smooth out the situation by communicating with your children before approaching the court.

So, is it possible to win the legal grandparent visitation rights automatically? – No, it is not possible. Listed below are some of the requirements to win your visitation rights legally:

Bond shared with the grandchildren:

When a lawsuit is filed, you must be able to prove your bond with your grandchildren. It includes anything like past records of your visits, the gifts you gave, the frequency of your earlier visits, the frequency of the calls you made to your grandchildren, etc. These proofs are absolutely important to prove the court that you shared a very special relationship with them.

In the best interest of the grandchildren:

If you could prove the court that you are visiting your grandchildren in the best interest of them and your visitation absence could cause harm to them, then you could win your legal rights.

As both the above points are very difficult to prove with evidence in the court, it is better to get the problems sorted out amicably with your family. Listed below are some of the ways to reestablish your relationship with your grandchildren off the court:


Find out the reason for why the parents are denying access to their children. Talk to them and make them understand that your relationship will prove helpful and won’t cause any harm to them.

Do not pass any negative comments:

Do not pass any negative opinion or comments to your grandchildren about their own parents. If they come to know that you influence their children negatively, then you might be pushed out of their lives.

With the help of tips mentioned above you can get your visitation problem resolved peacefully.