Organic Shampoo For Healthier Hair

Shampoos come in all different shapes, sizes, and formulas, but only the best organic shampoos work with your appearance and the environment. Be beautifully responsible when you choose an organic shampoo, and start feeling lovelier and healthier in both body and spirit. Most organic shampoos are made sulfate-free, so you don’t have to worry about pesky buildup either. Do your part for your body and your planet when you choose among the best organic shampoos.

NaturOli Soap Nuts

Get the shine and hydration you crave for your hair with this sulfate-free formula. There are no chemicals present and the ingredients are 100% botanically derived without any harmful additives. You don’t even have to use condition after this organic shampoo, and it even helps keep your color more vibrant by reducing fading. Honored by the folks at “Organic Spa Magazine”, NaturOli Soap Nuts are USDA certified to be made with all organic soap nuts and berries. Relieve your hair of its dry scalp woes and leave it feeling moist and manageable with this Ayurvedic formula that rinses completely clean.

DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo

This organic shampoo is enriched with luxurious ingredients such as antioxidants, essential lipids, omega-6, and vitamin E, all known for their abilities to help hair look and feel its best. Moroccan women have been showing off their beautiful hair for centuries with these ingredients, enjoying the healing properties of ancient oils that create a barrier against environmental damage. The plants and trees used to produce this product are certified and come from protected forests too.

Aubrey Organics

Manageability and softness are the name of the game at Aubrey Organics. Their products contain no sodium lauryl sulfate, petrochemicals, or parabens, but are still able to turn your dirty hair into something fit for Hollywood. This shampoo is highly recommended for people with light or bleached or highlighted hair but can be used by anybody with hair that they wish to see become more manageable. The fresh honeysuckle rose scent will leave you smelling as clean as you look.

Kiss My Face Whenever

If you are wishing to find an organic shampoo that helps lock in moisture while smoothing hair shafts into long-lasting softness then this is the shampoo for you. The wheat protein therein ensures that you enjoy the softest hair you’ve ever felt, which the nettle stimulates hair growth and recovers the condition of your scalp.

Pura D’or Hair: Loss Prevention

If growing your hair is a concern then you will be pleased with this argan oil-rich, organic shampoo that prevents untimely hair loss. Increase the volume of your lovely mane and help your scalp support healthy hair growth with the new and improved formula that contains an advanced DHT blocker. This shampoo also has no harmful chemicals like DEA or parabens.


If you are looking for the best organic shampoo then look no further than these: the best organic shampoos on the market. Your health and beauty depend on the shampoo you choose, so be sure to choose wisely. Wash away the day with a healthy organic shampoo.

Baking Bread With The Kids

Have you ever shared your kitchen activities with your kids? It’s even more fun when you can let them experience how to bake a bread with the help of a bread maker.

Kids are always curious about so many things around. So many questions and so many likes and dislikes. Likes and dislikes on foods, clothing etcetera. One way to answer their curiosity is to show them how it works.

Being so busy isn’t the reason not to have time to share fun and laughter with the kids. Because I love to cook I almost spend more of my time in the kitchen. Sometimes if I have enough time to prepare for the meals I let my kids do the things that is safe. I let them peel off the vegetables or pour in a cup of water or a spoon of sugar. Or sometimes I allow them to handle the mixing. Of course I explain to them beforehand how to manage those things and kids can catch up every instructions fast, with a proper guidance. Me and kids are satisfied to have shared special moments with them.

I am so lucky to have a bread maker at home. Kids love to eat breads in the morning so I always have a freshly baked bread everyday. Sometimes I ask my kids to help me with the mixing so they may know how the breads are made. I explain to them the importance of each ingredients and the process. The kids enjoy this way at the same time they learn new things. It is also a good way to train them how to help with the households. I remember one time when the kids saw the bread that is so fluffy they jumped in great joy. And I saw their smiles glitters with satisfaction in their eyes.

If you are into the gluten free bread, you will find that bread machine is very convenient too. No more overpriced bread, you could just whip up this simple recipe by Jamie Oliver, but instead of pop it in oven, you can do it with your bread machine which is even easier. So which one is the best bread machine for gluten free bread? All of them, yes, you don’t need a special bread machine to make one. You can do a gluten free bread with any bread machine, but to make it perfect, you will need once or twice to adjust the ingredients.

Good thing is that baking breads at home are  made easy with the bread maker, whichever bread you like, fruit bread, gluten free bread or just a plain white bread. Even though I am running out of time with all the kitchen stuff, by the help of a bread maker all is possible when it comes to breads.

Looking for DVD Storage Ideas?

Looking for the perfect place to store all of your DVDs? Then the chances are great that you have looked at some of the floating shelves or DVD storage options already out there on the marketplace today. The fact of the matter is that there are almost an endless amount of choices to pick between, making this more than a little bit difficult. Luckily, we searched high and low to find the very best of the best out there right now – and have narrowed it down to five that we think fit your needs perfectly.

Items under $25 – Atlantic 1331 Onyx 28 DVD/Games Tower

The odds are fantastic that you’ve seen this DVD storage rack at one point or another. Crafted out of metal wires and rods and one of the most versatile options on the DVD storage marketplace today, this is both wall mountable or floorstanding, and offers you an almost endless amount of options for storage and different compartments to hold your DVDs or video games perfectly. With a unique and ultramodern appearance, this is a perfect by for a lot of people.

Items under $50 –Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower Cinnamon Cherry

If you’re looking to punch up the style dramatically and just won’t be satisfied with DVD storage racks that look like you they belong in a dorm room, then you’re going to want to make sure you look closely at this DVD storage solution. So much more than just a place to throw your favorite movies while you’re not watching them, this will add a dramatic centerpiece to any room that it’s an as well as an infinite amount of storage to hold just about anything you want.

Items under $100 – Atlantic Maxsteel 3020 432 CD/228 DVD/114 VHS/ 8-Tier Media Rack Black

Another of the wire metal DVD storage solutions on the list, this one is far larger than the other and offers eight different tiers or levels for you to place any of your DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, or anything else you could conceive of on this storage platform. Opening up an almost endless amount of options to hold just about anything you could imagine, you’ll definitely be appreciative of the flexibility that this platform provides.

Items under $200 – Altus Wall Mounted Media Storage

Wall mountable just like your favorite flatscreen TV, this DVD stored center can be placed directly under your big screen to provide instant and easy access to all of your DVDs, electronics, or receivers without having to clutter up the floor space below it. It works perfectly for the floating effect, a popular design motif that people just can’t seem to get enough of.

Items above $200 – Leslie Dame CD-612D Solid Oak Mission Style Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Hand constructed and crafted from real deal solid Oak – with a hand rubbed loyal dark oak wood stain and finish – you’re going to appreciate the incredible craftsmanship and skill that it must have taken to create this amazing DVD stored solution. A bit on the expensive side, this adds an incredible amount of class and style to your living space the moment that you install it in your home.